Eyelash Extension Lash Kit
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Eyelash Extension Lash Kit

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7 x Eyelash extension trays

1 x Gel remover

1 x Deluxe Pro glue

2 x Nitto tapes

1 x lash palette 

1 x California straight tweezer 

1 x Curved Malibu tweezer

1 x Malibu tweezer 

1 x Jade stone

Worldwide Lashes Eye pads  

Professional Lash technician kit 

Best quality eyelash extension glue for professional use only

It works amazing with volume and individual eyelash extensions. All glue comes with a silica moisture bag.

Low fumes, 5 seconds drying time.   30 ml

Holds extensions for 4-5 weeks (depending on technicians application)

Made in Korea.

Ethyl 2- Cyanoacrylate, Elastomer, Phthallic Anhydride.

Increasing & Decreasing your moisture level in your room

With summer coming we need to start thinking about how to control the humidity (moisture) level in our rooms as lash tech’s for our glue to work & cure perfectly. Remember that it is moisture that cures (sets) our glue and too little or too much will vastly effect our glue.

The best way to monitor the humidity level in your room is with a digital hygrometer (instrument used to measure humidity). You can buy them cheaply from Bunnings etc for $8-$20.

Depending on the brand of glue that you are using having a humidity level in your lash room between 45-65% is the typical range that your glue will work best in.

Here are some cheap and effective ways that you can LOWER your humidity level in your room. (Please note a lot of these methods below are not ‘quick fix’ methods and may take 1-3 days to really have a noticeable effect.)

  • Air Conditioning - set your AC to a ‘dry’ setting to remove moisture.
  • Fans - fans will help move the air and help with evaporation.
  • Kitty Litter - yes! Place a large open box of kitty litter in your room (maybe under your bed so it’s out of sight). The ones which are silica based work the best.
  • Baking Soda - is a natural odor and moisture absorber. You could place some on a plate or dish around your room or near your lash station & bed.
  • Chalk - place some in some small mesh bags and hang around your room.
Due to hygiene concerns there is no return or refunds for any of our products unless goods have arrived damaged. We will offer a replacement product if the goods have arrived damaged. If your product arrives damaged you have 14 calendar days to return an item from the date you received it. Firstly please contact us with an image of goods. Then mail to: 62 Oliver Street Freshwater NSW 2096 Australia. Please remember to ensure that the item you are returning is repackaged with all elements.

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